A tiny abstract painting/drawing.

I've been meaning to work on my sewing lately, but haven't been able to motivate myself to get going on cutting the fabric-which I hate doing-so instead I've been working on this. I think I call my paintings on paper drawings just because they are on paper, but in this case I only used Golden Fluid Acrylics, so maybe I will call it a painting. I have the urge to go into it with some colored pencil at this point, but am trying to resist because I want to try doing things differently.

I've never felt confident enough with a brush to call myself a painter. I only like painting on a small scale, so it really feels more like drawing...the eternal debate in my mind. I know it doesn't matter what I call a piece, or what I call myself, whether it be artist, painter, photographer, I am all of these things, so I suppose I should clear this dialogue from my mind.

These are in descending order. I think this could be finished, but I'll have to take another look in a few days with fresh eyes to be sure. As with most of the pieces I do, I hope to create a series of these. I love working with color and layers. This has between 8-10 layers and has taken about 4-6 hours of my time. I should keep track of the time it takes me to complete things. I need to keep a log, especially if I want to start selling original work. It would help me to price things. This measures 5 13/16 x 5 1/2". I know in the pictures it looks like the border is uneven, but it's not, I just need to photograph things on the wall with a tripod (the right way) instead of on a table top with a hand-held camera.

As far as documenting drawings and paintings, I know with pieces this small, it's easiest to just scan them, but it always comes out too harsh, even without any image sharpening.  It's about time to set up a space specifically for photographing my work.  I'm putting together a portfolio that will be seperate from my photography.  I've been putting it off...

*detail-my obsession with balance gets me every time.  I need to work on loosening it up some.

Maybe just a few more touch-ups...but it could be finished at this point.

I think I could have stopped here.  The cloudy pink is nice.  *Mental note*

Took care of that "black".

I don't use black, but got out-of-control and now it got too heavy, and right in the center-not good.


  1. Mia, I LOVE, LOVE this painting! (or drawing as you call it ;))
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and process!

  2. Gorgeous, Mia! Love the depth.



  3. Thank you Fer & Sarah! So happy to share.