Our Amazing, Notorious, Unforgettable Vegas Vacation

American Airlines got us there.

I'm still trying to adjust to "normal" life after spending a really great, long weekend in Las Vegas with my partner-in-crime and long-time beau.  After such a hectic flying experience with layovers in Los Angeles from our old El Paso, we finally touched ground very late last Thursday night, and arrived at the front doors of the beautiful Venetian Resort Hotel.

Hotel lobby.

Hotel lobby.

We were in major awe and had to hold our jaws up so they wouldn't hit the floor, as neither of us has ever stayed at such a luxurious hotel.  The streets were brimming with happy people, and the vibe was all about letting loose and making a memories.

The shops at our hotel + statue guy.

Unforgettable, eventful moments from our trip (excluding the moments that I left behind, because what happens in Vegas, really must stay in Vegas-it's such a fantasy world...wink wink*):

1.  Walking into Dior, admiring, but being afraid to touch the beautiful clothes, then an associate asking me if I wanted to try some things on...I said YES, of course I want to try some things on!

Such nice salespeople at Dior.  I know they work on commission, still it was fab of the guy to bring me shoes to match.  I really wish I could have photographed the backs of both of these-because they were amazing, just stunning!  My back piece tattoo has never been so well-framed!

From Dior's amazing 2011 Ready-to-Wear Fall collection. I did step out of the dressing room to dream in front of the giant mirror.  I may have drooled, I'm not really sure.  (Hopefully not on the dress.)
I really thought I was in Heaven.
Here is a link to a spread where Ms. Reese Witherspoon appeared in this beautiful black and nude dress.  Seeing how it fits her makes me think I needed to go one size smaller, but alas-they only had size 4 in everything.

As pictured in Vogue, May 2011

Was I so happy I almost died when it fit me?  -YES.  As with the former, it was just a tad too big, but hey.

So my eyes are all crazy here, but I still wanted to show you something closer-up.  I was fairly nervous about taking pictures in the dressing room.  This dress rocked, totally rocked, it was luxurious, feminine, and intricately detailed.
Okay, calm down, Mia, let's move on...

2.  Settling on purchasing a few pretty dresses at Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole as consolation for not being able to afford the $7,000 Diors.  I will definitely be photographing the two dresses I did buy sometime soon, they're both sweet, and I wore them both during our stay.

3.  Eating beautiful food every single day, including a gorgeous sashimi salad, salmon tacos, and smoked salmon omelettes for breakfast-room service!  (I am a pescatarian-for what that term is worth-no I think I am a Flexetarian-ha)

Lunch by the Tao Beach pool...part of The Venetian.

4, Sitting on Steven's (my beau!) lap while he played slots, and generally always being super-close to him...we don't get to spend as much time together IRL as we would like.)

5.  Seeing The Beatles Love Cirque du Soleil  show at The Mirage-and having perfect seats...ohhhhhh, man!  It was UN real and fabulous in every way.

6.  Since my little brother works in Vegas, and knows "people," we were able to VIP it right through super-long lines Tao Nightclub at The Venetian, as well as the Wynn's XS Nightclub.

Truly regrettable things from our trip that I am allowing myself to mention:

1.  Leaving my phone somewhere in the hotel...ahem.

2.  Taking naps that were a little bit too long...nice but I think I could have cut the time spent sleeping in half.

3.  Going to The Phantom of the Opera show at our hotel and dozing off...it was nice, but...not hype enough for us-because we were in super-hype mode.  We left in the middle of the show.  It wasn't very nice of us, slaps on the wrist, ect, ect...)

4.  Trudging along from hotel to hotel, in the sun and without sunscreen, in sandals without decent support, just because I was too stubborn and absolutely refused to wear sneakers at all. 

5.  Not leaving myself extra room in my bags for shopping acquisitions.  My bags were so full they barely closed on the way back.  Stuffing two new dresses and a lovely little light alpaca/wool sweater in my suitcase was fairly traumatic.

6.  Feeling too weighed down to take a camera with me everywhere.  I did not want to be hauling along a bag bigger than my head anywhere.  I wish I hadn't been so on-the-go that I forgot to even take a point-and-shoot so many places.  So, we don't have many photos from the trip, especially now that I don't have my cell phone pics either! *Sob

We will be heading back to the notorious Sin City sooner than later, I hope.  I highly recommend a Vegas vacation for anyone.  It was totally romantic and so much fun.  Even for me.  & I'm not much of a gambler-I'm more of a shopper!  I saw things in-person that I would never imagine seeing-it's all about fashion and art, such a culmination of exquisite design and elegance...the best qualities anything could ever have in my humble opinion.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! And wow, those dresses...I would have been to scared to try anything on!

    My husband and I always talk of going there for a long weekend, but it has yet to happen. Hopefully one day!

    Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  2. Hi Juli! Thanks so much for you comment!
    It was so amazing, we already want to go back. I was scared to even touch the clothes at Dior, but the sales rep was SO nice and smiley, I succumbed to the temptation. It wasn't until I was finished that I saw the prices anyway, or maybe I wouldn't have gone through with it...