Dropping my SX-70 baby + self-portraits.

Yesterday I was attempting to shoot some self-portraits with my SX-70 Alpha 1 mounted to my tripod, when I kind-of tripped over it in somewhat of a creative frenzy (where I lose control of my limbs, apparently) as I was maneuvering around my crowded little studio.  It was flung off the mount and fell hard on the tile floor is what happened.  When I picked it up, I was grateful that nothing appeared to be cracked, but knew it could be another story on the inside.  The first thing that came to mind was a dislodged mirror, and check.  Mirror dislodged.  Also dislodged was the film cartridge somehow, and the last shot came out with goo...(bad sign)

The only coping skills I possess are retained for situations such as this.  I stayed calm, didn't cry, even took another pack of film out of the fridge to play doctor with...my poor little SX-70.

This is what happened-now I have these light leaks-so, I guess I have to take a closer look at the rollers, the inside of the camera, ect...not sure what will come of this, as the leaky light streaks are inconsistent.

(Shot with my SX-70 + PX70 Colorshade Impossible film-the film is great...)


  1. What a heartbreaker! The images still look amazing. The light leaks, while not what one might want, add a great feeling to the images. A sense of nostalgia. Whatever. I like them. Still, what a heartbreak. Good for you to not do the crying thing, even though I'm sure that's what you wanted to do! :/

  2. I feel your pain, so heartbreaking. But I do think the light leaks add a certain touch of beauty.

  3. Thanks so much, Larry, I feel like I can fix what happened...

    Celina, this was a very good SX-70, I'm pretty sad, but I can live with the light leaks if I have to...at least until I get a good medium format camera...