Saturday afternoon at home.

Saturday afternoon, making messes, having fun.  The abstract crazy piece up near the ceiling is collaboration with our left hands from a few days ago.  I'm trying to build Bee's confidence so she can have fun without getting frustrated. I got started on a watercolor while helping Bee with her embroidery. I really need some good watercolors. I hate the cheap kind. They don't have nearly enough pigment in them.

Me having fun with my digital.
How I love a sweetly shallow DOF.

Bee was sad to have to change her cast in the end.  When she first saw her white cast upon waking up from surgery, she freaked out.  She sobbed giant crocodile tears that came from the worst kind of disappointment imaginable.  She begged me to have them take it off, she begged the nurses and the Dr., but they just did not understand how much it meant to her to pick the color of her cast.

This is not a girl who loves pink.  The Dr. hasn't cared to ask her what color she prefers, which is pretty disappointing to us both.  She has a good attitude about it, though, considering.  (After I promised her I would do something *spectacular* on this one, too.)  I'm still thinking about how to go about using such a hot pink as a ground.  More on that tomorrow. 

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