I got new paints, soooo happy!

I really have not been happy with my watercolor experience, so I finally broke down and bought a little starter set of Golden Fluid Acrylics. I already had been using Titan Buff, the metallics, and their mediums, but I had yet to drop cash down for the colors. I needed something with more vibrancy, something more substantial, yet capable of holding both opaque and transparent qualities. These are the answer to it all. I love these.

Golden Fluid Acrylics 1/2 fl. oz.,15mL in each mini-bottle.

Titan Buff is my favorite, and the metallics are also nice.  Fluid Matte Medium alleviates gloss.

I like having two water jars, one for warm colors rinsing, one for cool colors rinsing.

My source film still for a practice piece, Michelle Williams as Cindy in Blue Valentine.

Started with a rough sketch in blue, my favorite color.  

I never care to make a drawing exactly like the source photo, except for the mannerisms of the people.  I just adore Michelle Williams, she is absolutely brilliant, right? 

In-progress.  I don't know if I will complete this into a final drawing...I really wanted to just try these new paints.  I always like to end up using colored pencil for details.
I live at this table.

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