Our mermaid dreams.

We are counting down the days until we can go swimming...3 weeks left. I can go, but I feel for my little Bee. I promised her I would wait for her so we can jump in together. These pictures are from yesterday. I found our goggles and my swim caps, and loaded my camera with the only Type 100 instant color film I currently have-Fuji FP-100c. The light was too low, and the framing all wrong, but at least I renewed my interest in double exposures. I forgot how fun they are with a Polaroid pack film camera. This film does need bright light, unless using a make-shift tripod or a self-timer. My self-timer #192 decided to stop working...it is my third one. There must be an easy way to fix them. I need to look into it.


  1. These images are great. I especially love the double exposure. It feels surreal. And images of Bee with goggles! And that last one - goggles, bathing cap, blurry - very compelling image. Like a dream.

  2. Thank you so very much my friend! That last one is also my favorite, it does have the magic quality! :)