Drawing in-progress, the first of a new series.

 Today I began working on a series that will consist of 10 drawings.  This is the first, and will determine (more or less) what direction I will take with the next 9.

I love the illustrations in the classic Dick and Jane books by William S. Gray and Zerna Sharp, and have been incorporating them into my drawings for the last few years.  Three artists worked on the series, including Eleanor Campbell, Keith Ward, and Robert Childress.

I like referring to these iconic children's books because of their initial purpose-to teach children to read, and about proper social behavior and morality.  Also of interest to me is that they belong to an era (1930's-1970's) when social change was at it's peak in America.

I am attempting to intertwine the elements in the stories to the issues that I care about.  The main theme that I'm currently working with is the overt sexuality used in advertising and the media in western society, and how it affects the development and psyche of females.

Very much still in-progress: 15 x15", Watercolor and colored pencil.

Detail-just 2 layers so far...I feel it needs at least 2-3 more at this point.

Detail-beginning sketch of the girl character in the books, Jane.


  1. oh wow, these images are so so so beautiful!! keep it up, i bet it will be amazing after it's done, though i'm satisfied with how it is just now!

  2. Hullo Lindsay, I thank you so very kindly!