The *Pink* Balloon Cliché

I've been thinking a lot about my growth as a photographer, about clichés, and all that. It has nothing to do with style, it's a matter of having the means and the ambition to take planning to the next level. I like creating narratives, so it's going to take a great deal more work-more planning-to do something more substantial with my camera.

I've been thinking a lot about graduate studies in photography. I won't be able to start an MFA program for a year-and-a-half, because I didn't apply on time, but that's okay, because location is actually the most important thing. I need a program within driving distance to the ocean. I've lived in this desert all my life, and it is time to move on. There's nothing left here for us.

Pentax K-1000, Kodak Portra 400 film.


  1. I like these photos! Bee is so cute. I can't get over her and your lovely relationship with her! You guys will be best friends forever. At 30 I am so close to my mom who raised us by herself!

    Your funny title about how cliche balloon photos are reminded me of this time that my husband and I were in Santa Barbara waiting for a bus that seemed to never want to come and we saw these two balloons strung together walking along. It was like a movie. There was nothing at all around us and out of nowhere these balloons just made their way to us. I have always wished I would have taken photos of them but i had run out of Polaroid on our outing.

  2. I love knowing you are a happy lady and your mom raised you by herself. And I'm so very happy knowing these reminded you of such a sweet moment with your husband. Perhaps cliché balloon shots aren't always so bad. :)