Our first Saturday of 2012

I'm still teaching Isabella to take thoughtful photographs.  It's quite a lot to think about, from checking the background to creating a good composition, it takes years of practice for these things to become intuitive.

I wonder if she would have been interested in photography on her own if I hadn't planted a camera in her hands.  I've loved taking pictures as long as I can remember.

My very first camera-1985.

Was I posing cool, or what?
The Spruce Goose, 1985

Me and my little brother looking pissed-off at Knots Berry Farm, 1985

It's good that Bee is using automatic focus cameras right now-her Superheadz 35mm and my Polaroid Spectra, so she can think about composition first.  She's doing really good so far, but I think I'm too intense as a model for her to practice with, so I think I'm going to have her take portraits of her dolls for awhile.

Impossible Silver Shade film.

I told her about the line running at a diagonal in the background, but I felt bad telling her anything.  I think I'll just let her have fun without constructive criticism for another few years.  I just want to teach her things, you know?  Photography really helps put life in perspective.  It cheers me up when I'm feeling down.  I need it.  Instant film is like crack.  I'm glad I have friends who understand.

Bee with my Spectra, PX 680 Impossible film.
Me with my SX-70 and taped-on ND filter + Impossible shade.

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