The Last Day of 2011

We're getting ready for a slumber party right now, or really I'm letting Bee get all of her little friends (favorite dolls & stuffed animals) lined-up, on the couch, and ready.  We've been having these very quiet little parties on New Year's Eve since she was born, 10 years ago.  I think I've only missed 2 with her, when I went out to grown-up parties.  We are happy with our pizza, nachos, cake, ice cream (we're doubling on cake instead), Xbox 360/Kinect, board games (SCRABBLE!), and movies.

There is something quite wonderful about looking at your child asleep.  They're not talking back to you, challenging your intelligence, or making mean faces.  My little girl is at the brink of growing up, and believe me, I am having a very difficult time letting go.

I will enjoy these last bits of Bee's little girl-ness, and I vow to look forward to the future with my tween girl.  I promise I will try my very best to be (more) patient and understanding.  I will be more positive.  I will take better care of myself.  I will find an amazing job...ect...ect...ect...

*Photos shot with my Pentax K-1000 + Kodak Portra 400 film.

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