Saturday Mail

I had an intensely stressful week.  I'm exhausted, and having a very hard time trying to get used to surviving on less than 5 hours of sleep per night again.  That is, after a full summer season of waking up with the sun next to my little Bee.  She is having a really hard time adjusting too, poor girl. 

I'm sure the semester will go by really fast, because for the majority of it I will be preparing my BFA solo student show.  It will be October 27th-November 4th.  It's kind-of a scary thing...for a rather shy girl like me.  I will be working on the 3-dimensional focal point for the next few months.  My drawings will come to life in white cotton muslin, pale blue thread, and steel wire, in the handmade forms of a cage, baptismal gown, and several pairs of vintage-style kid gloves.

Bee will be spending time in New Mexico with my parents on weekends, to give me time to work on everything.  It will take some getting used to-I already miss her.  At least I got a nice surprise in the mail!  A darling new dress from Liza Rietz, and Vogue's September issue.

Of course I tried the dress on immediately-and had a small moment with September Vogue, too.

The dress needs to be steamed, but still looks amazing right out of the package.  Thank you so much, Liza.

Always with the dopey/tired look these days.  I need some black booties and silk knee highs for this dress.  These lacy gray tights and Gianni Bini shoes don't do it justice.  Yes, I did play roller derby in these tights at one time.

I love the way this dress feels.  Soft and feminine, but not in a frilly way.  Liza's designs have a nice edge, and careful tailoring.  The back is really lovely. 

I have more dresses that I need to document. Once I get the right shoes for this one, I'll take better pictures, in a better location. Part of the fun of wearing a new dress is deciding how to wear it. Hair, make-up, shoes, accessories, it's all fun times for me. I always loved playing dress-up.

I picked up this wonderful lipstick the other day-it's the red I've been searching for all my life-. Lancome's Sensational Effects Lipcolor in Red Haute It's actually the best lipstick in the world. Not too dry, not too moist, and it really doesn't feather, so a lip liner isn't needed.


  1. I think you could wear anything, Mia.... you give it all style!

  2. Susan, you completely flatter me! :D Thanks so much! Someday when I make it up north I will give you a giant hug for being such a sweet lady-and more than that-a good friend and comrade all these years.