Me, Bee, and my Spectra SE...flash powers!

I am in awe of this ability to take instant self-portraits with a flash...I think with better lighting in the background these could have been way better. I have to say-I'm not afraid of using the flash, and I kinda like this film's tones with it.  Although, it's no question that natural light is the best. There's very bad light in my house in general, so it's a compromise.

The newest edition to my Polaroid collection is the fantastic Polaroid Spectra SE. The film this camera uses is *giant* !!  It seems much bigger than SX-70 film.  I am in love with it. This is the newest Colorshade film for the Spectra system, Impossible's PZ680.  I have yet to venture outdoors to take a shot in the sunshine.  Maybe tomorrow.

3rd time's the charm.


  1. Gorgeous!
    I'm so pleased you and the Spectra are becoming friends.
    I am yet to try the PZ680. Do you find it just as good or better than the PX680?
    Love the skin tones!

  2. Hi, Amanda! Right now I feel like this is a slightly better film, it is definitely less spotty, and seems like there are smoother transitions in tonality, but-I'm thinking that also has something to do with my SX-70-the rollers don't seem as tight as this Spectra. I must take a shot in natural light today to see the difference in color! So happy to share with you, a girl who shoots fantastic Spectra! xo

  3. How beautiful you both are!!!


  4. Hiii, Charlyn, thank you so much!! I'm so happy to see you!

  5. oh i LOVE these photos of the two of you! xx

  6. Thanks Nicolle! :D Sweet girl!