I'll try, I'll keep it up.

I have that feeling, you know the one, the I have to get the hell out of here feeling. I need a new town, with new things to see, new things to shoot. I've been thinking about road trips, fantasizing about road trips across country. It turns out, we will not be going to North Carolina this summer after all. We couldn't work out our schedules, we just weren't able to do it. We are, however going to Las Vegas, and we will be staying at The Venetian, so it takes the edge off the sting. Las Vegas is a more reasonable vacation for us this time. It's not too far away, given we only have 4 days to get away.

Shot with my trusty Polaroid SX-70, + PX680FF Impossible film.


  1. lovely shots Mia....I know that feeling well... I feel the same.

  2. Thanks Amanda-mommies should get paid holiday! A trip to a weekend spa retreat...what a dreamer I am! ha!

  3. What cool photos! I could use a vacay myself. Hoping The Venetian is a perfect getaway for you and yours.


  4. Hi, Cassie, thank you! I hope it's everything we need.