The Art of the Polaroid Diptych

I was going through my boxes of Polaroids this afternoon, and found several single exposures that would be more interesting as diptychs. I have never gone out shooting with the idea of shooting a diptych in mind, but it seems like a worthwhile project and fun times.  A few days ago  received a few packs of the most recent batch of color film from the Impossible Project, PX-70 Colorshade.  I'll be trying to find some diptychs with it, just to change things up a bit.  The best diptychs are those by fellow Polaroid shooter, Alison Garnett, aka Supercapacity.  Be sure to catch plenty of inspiration in her wonderful camera world.  Her website can be found here.

Here's a few shots I like better together...they seem to be good complements.  Yes, they are mates from now on.
Polaroid SX-70, 600 film


  1. I esp love the one on the right!
    Great pairing!

  2. Thanks sweet Charlyn! :)

  3. Just saw this - I've been doing my own Polaroid Diptych project for a few years as well - good to see others embracing it!