Emulsion lifts-so much potential.

The beauty of Polaroid emulsion lifts is that they hold such possibility.  I miss shooting Polaroid 669 type film, but I have boxes of exposures that I could use in the future-if I'm brave enough to commit to (dunking a shot into hot water, the whole process is such a cautious one) taking a risk.

I was going through some old works in-progress, things that I put away in frustration for later analysis, and found this.  I still don't feel perfectly happy with it, but it has potential.  It needs some more detail perhaps...more drawing, that is.

Polaroid emulsion lift, 669 film on paper + watercolor & colored pencil
(Photographed atop this sweet fabric I just bought a few days ago.)



  1. I think this is so beautiful, it needs nothing.

  2. Thank you, Kira! I appreciate your kind words very much!

  3. & Thank you, Charlyn and Celina, :D xoxo