Oh, monochrome integral, I think I can really fall for you...

I've been scared to try this film, because of all the issues tied to it, but I'm finally giving in.  The learning curve has been a sad story for me, but at least there was one halfway decent shot. That's really all I need to want to get more of it. There is amazing potential here.  I just can't use it outside this summer.  That's okay...

 (Impossible PX100 Silver Shade)

Tripod with my SX-70...miss.

I don't remember such a hot spot...I didn't think there was any strong light where I was-hmm.

I did not get one shot in-focus.  Oh well!  I am not giving up yet.


  1. These are beautiful, mia. Thanks for sharing!

    (btw, it's yasmin from last Terry's Fall semester drawing class ^-^)

  2. Ohhh, hi, Yasmin, hello!! Thank you for visiting my little blog! I'm hoping to see anything you've been working on soon, anything, you know, I love your work! I've got my eyes open, please keep in touch! :)

  3. I think these are beautiful!

    I haven't been following TIP lately, have they come up with anything more stable? I really hope so. : /



  4. Thanks, Sarah! <3
    I don't think anything more stable is for sale yet. *sigh*

  5. Thanks, Tame Lion. :)