Nostalgia, my family.

It is a strange thing, getting older. It's not so much that I'm sad about aging, but looking around, and noticing that everyone else is also morphing on the outside-it's kind-of like a slap in the face, a shocker, the sudden realization of what's been happening all along.

The image that stays with you is the one that held you tight when you were a kid. Is it just me? It's the time before high school, when your parents were everything, and they could do no wrong. Time passes too fast, whether cliche or not, and although I would never want to go back and relive the past, I wish I could see my parents again when they were young.  I always thought I had the prettiest mother, and most handsome father. I know I'm lucky to have these pictures.

My mama before me.  She is on the left, c. 1974.

I love this picture, even if she doesn't-those were the days ladies did not show off pregnant bellies. c. 1979.

Honestly, life does not get better than this.  Look how happy I was! c. 1980.
Dad, little brother, and me, c. 1980.

Little brother and Dad, c.1980.

Me and my dad in Hondo, NM, c.1977.


  1. aww, mia, this is priceless!
    thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Sweet Fer! :) I love sharing!

  3. Beautiful post Mia, I feel the same,time just goes too quickly, i feel this more now with the little ones, who grow and change so quickly. Ive been feeling the same recently, Im about to draft a list of all the things I keep meaning to do before too much time passes.
    Gorgeous pics of you and your family. treasure it.

  4. Amanda, I know, it's too true-and my heart breaks for these last little girl moments I am having with Bee. I will treasure every second, and I must try to take life a little easier... xoxo Thank you. :)