Little Women

After an hour or so of searching the Internet, I finally discovered the (not solid) date of the publication of this edition of Little Women. It was published by A.L. Burt Company, 1911. It turns out that the illustrations have all been torn out of the book, along with the publishing information. This realization made me sad at first, but I'm over it now. The fine old smell of the aging pages melted all the sadness away. It's just SO lovely, regardless.

The Elms Vintage

My beautiful new old copy of Little Women.

The binding was stitched, not glued...

I really don't think that the book was published with a blue fore-edge, but I could be wrong.  See, new book vocabulary-fore-edge, the unbound edge of a book opposite the binding.

This is where the missing pages used to be-apparently they included photos of Katharine Hepburn, from the movie.

I love it more and more, the more I look at it.


  1. Nothing like an old book. I wish they were still as pretty!