Before & After Fun Slide

I've been wanting to share a little before and after with this sweet Polaroid film, and think this shot makes a great example. I'm not really a peeler of shots. I've peeled some exposures from the first pack I shot with this film, and felt like I would have been happier if I never did anything to them at all. Of course, I could feel differently about this a year from now, when chances are the images could be totally faded, too faded to even make out any details. Peeling made me feel like I was destroying something precious, and it was not happy times with Polaroids for me.

Before & After
1 week time color shift, PX-70 Colorshade Push film.


  1. Woooooow.
    Ok, this is good to know when I shoot with Colorshade!

    Happy Mother's Day, dear M! :*

  2. Charlyn, you have always been such a sweet friend, thank you! :)