A Saturday without Bee.

I had a nice, quiet, neurotic Saturday without Bee. In other words, I did talk to myself a little bit. And made fun of myself in my head for doing it. I listened to Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, Regina Spektor, Bob Dylan, Jolie Holland, and Cat Power all day, in between watching 8 episodes of Weeds. I also photographed my roller derby gear to sell on Ebay.  I'm trying to get out of the habit of holding on to things I no longer use. So, this is all pretty random. That was how the day went...

Do I really want to get out of bed if I don't have to?  That's the real question.

Contemplation of the possibilities.  After setting up the tripod, of course, because documenting my thought process is extremely (not) interesting and totally just for the hell of it.

Handmade paper beads highly treasured and boho and fun to wear on my head when alone.

Overfilled Chemex.  I need plenty of coffee for my day all alone, for possible good intentions of high-productivity.

My self-insulated window PLUS neighbors too close for comfort.  Someday I will NOT live in neighborhoods like this-one house within 2 steps of the next...

This is one of my most treasured objects, and the inspiration for my back piece tattoo.  I slept with this under my pillow when I was a little kid.  My mom told me it would help ward off nightmares, which I had too many of.

The goblet is musical, it was a gift to my maternal grandparents on their 50th anniversary.  My grandmother gave it to me for Christmas.  My grandfather has been in Heaven for 6 years now.  The tiny photo is of my grandmother in 1958-ish.  My mom is in the background to her right, age 3.  The white box contains a tiny rosary given to Bee by her godmother as a gift at her baptism.  The quartz was given to me as a gift from my boyfriend's son a few years ago.  The Miss Dior Cherie was a birthday gift from my boyfriend.  

I had to put my knock-off Old Navy uggs to go get the mail.

Creamer bubbles are pretty.  The photobooth photos from Spring Break 2011-I told you, me and Bee are BFF's.  This makes it official. :)

WEEDS.  I have a girl-crush on Mary-Louise Parker.  Who doesn't?  

Risking my life eating the skin from non-organic cucumber...ha.  I only want to eat cucumbers with skin.  & organic varieties are not widely available around here.  Perhaps I will try growing my own...

I love salad, but why does it have to take so long to make?  Even if I prep the greens...I make a big mess.  I love grated ginger.

Hot coffee, iced coffee, all kinds of coffee all day.  My beat-up Moleskine with Polaroid transfer self-portrait.

I still need to INSPECT this shipment carefully.  I *almost* opened this package...but got distracted again.  I just know what's in it, and I'm not ready to use the paper inside yet.  It's Japanese fine art paper.
(The good stuff)

Riedell classic 265 Wicked Roller Derby quad skates.  Aren't they gorgeous? 

Gee, maybe I shouldn't sell all my derby gear...hmm. Well...actually I better. My knees are still mad at me. But, those girls are having plenty of fun out there.  Please support roller derby if there is a league in your vicinity. It's girl power at it's best.


  1. What?
    You're a super star roller derby Mom!!!!
    That is awesome, Mia!! :D

  2. I was, my dear girl! xo Thanks, Charlyn!

  3. Love these photos - so warm and intimate. And you look beautiful.



  4. Awe, thanks so much, Sarah! :)