Overexposure, sushi, and a happy little Bee.

I knew this extreme light/dark lighting situation would be a problem, so I mistakenly improvised exposure.  I should have stopped down.  But, sweet bokeh anyway back there, it could be worse.

Green tea with sushi is an important part of the experience for us.  It takes the place of sake for me.

I really love the colors here, even the white-but dang, if my eyes could dismiss the overexposure...alas, it's impossible.  A worthy lesson, and sweet memory nevertheless.  

Miso soup is always soothing and perfectly balanced at Koze, the best sushi place in El Paso.

I think this is the salmon.  We also had some hamachi nigiri sushi, it's at the top left, barely apparent back there on it's uh-serving board.  It's absolutely my favorite fish in the raw.

My favorite maki roll-cucumber with crab, salmon, avocado, and asparagus.  It's refreshing!  It looks so lovely, too.  I really must go back with a proper light meter to re-shoot it.  Or maybe we could just sit away from the window.

My lesson learned: Put digital light meter at the top of my wish list once and for all. I've been window shopping around and am considering these:

1. Sekonic L-308s Light Meter (Black)

2. Polaris SPD100 Digital Exposure Meter

Also, I refreshed my photography skills by watching this eHow video:

Stopping Down in Photography | eHow.com

If I am going to be investing so much money in vintage cameras with tired meters, film and processing, I figure it's a good idea to keep a trusty device like a digital light meter in my bag, which is already heavy anyway.

(Photos shot with my Pentax K-1000, Kodak Portra 400 film)


  1. I think they are beautiful!

    I have trouble with exposure as well, even with my digital.


  2. Awe, thanks so much, Sarah.

  3. I love these, the bokeh in the first two is lovely.

  4. Thanks, Hannah! I love film bokeh.