A new home for us-just down the street.

We moved to an apartment down the street from my parent's house. It's on the second floor and is overlooking the pool. We really like it. Bee's room is almost fully decorated, but the rest is bare. I'm starting from scratch. I have a good idea of what I want the space to become.

Although the hours at my job are terrible for a single mother, and the pay isn't great, I'm keeping it anyway, at least until I find something better.


  1. Hello Dear Mia! Sorry I have been so bad about visiting. Hope things are settling in with the new place, and yes, these days having a job is the new 'fortunate', practically, so you do it until something better comes along. Enjoy the rest of summer. Love that top photo.... I can feel the atmosphere, and smell the new apartment.

  2. Hi, Susan, please no apologies! I have also been busy. It feels great knowing we are still in touch, after all these years! We're adjusting-I'm painting walls and having fun making this new place feel like home. :) I hope you're having a beautiful summer.