Breakfast of Champions

I had my day off yesterday, and had a full list of things to do that went something like this:

1. Make coffee (& shoot a Polaroid)
2. Drink coffee, browse Internets
3. Straighten-up house, dust
4. 4 loads of laundry including sheets and towels
5. Grocery shopping
6. Shoot a Polaroid or 2
7. Pick up Bee from school
8. Steam work clothes
9. Make Dr. appointments for check-ups
10. Paint? Draw?
11. Make dinner
12. Exercise with Bee, or go get ice cream?
13. Paint? Draw?
14. Watch Dancing With the Stars with Bee
14. Resume Season 7 of Weeds
15. Crochet
16. Paint? Draw?

I used to read food labels religiously, but lately, have taken a more relaxed (lazy) approach to grocery shopping. This morning, I read the Cheerios label, and found that the second ingredient is sugar. Looks like I'm going back to reading labels, because sugar as the main ingredient in my kid's breakfast is sad and unacceptable. 
Spectra, Impossible PZ 680 Colorshade

I almost finished folding all the laundry. Never got around to painting or drawing. I almost started crocheting but I couldn't find the right hook. I took a 15 minute walk with Bee then went for ice cream. (Win!) I fell asleep watching Weeds. I think the 7th season (4 episodes in) is kind-of weak.

I'm going to figure out how to dedicate myself to creating art again. Drawing and painting need to be at the top of my list on my days off.


  1. Well done on completing so much of your list - although I know it can be frustrating when you spend so much time doing chores that you run out of time/energy for the things you really want to do! Oh and good compromise on the walk/ice cream!

    1. Hi, Jo, right! I will try to put creativity at the top of my list, I need to..

  2. That's a good list. I just watched DWTS online; oh gosh, Derek and Maria should NOT have gone, but alas, they are all good. Hope you've been well.

    1. I'm so sad about Maria and Derek! I'm shocked. I love Katharine, too, though, so I will be okay next week. And yes, they are all fun to watch at this point. I've been doing well, Susan. I hope the same for you. xo