Sunday at the magic hour.

It's almost like spring here in El Paso.  I'm looking for a day job while I continue to work on my drawing and photography portfolios.  University classes have resumed, and I'm feeling a pull back, but mostly because the job market is so dismal right now.

It was my plan to take the spring off to make a decision about what my next move will be, (whether I focus on grad school or career), but I think the economy is going to decide for me.  Ideally, I would find a full-time 8-5 administration/office position with benefits and decent pay, but it is quickly becoming apparent that I'm going to have to lower my standards.

Why couldn't I have just studied nursing...ughhhhhhh...oh yeah, I was intent on pursuing a dream...

I think I'm just going to have to settle for a part-time job so I can focus on my art and being a super-extraordinary-present mom.  I'm staying positive regardless, because life is too damn short to be stuck in the blues.

by Bee

Polaroid SX-70, Impossible PX70 Colorshade film.

We went to the park after spending most of the beautiful day indoors.  Bee had a huge homework project that she (we) trudged through for 7-8 hours with a break for lunch (!!!@!@#)^&*) >.<...  She had a week to do it, and we tried to start it early-on, but she had all this other homework to do on top of it.

**Mommy Rant:  Seriously, I am so tired of teachers sending these projects home that require a 50-50 collaboration between student and parent-don't they know we have better things to do and hardly have time/opportunity for activities outside of school-related stuff?**

Anyhow, we were able to catch the end of the sunshine and explored a reservoir behind the park.  I felt like we had a mini-adventure, so that was good, and it took the edge off having to be stuck indoors all day.

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