Out at Red Sands.

The smallest details were overlooked and all too noticeable. We went out for a semi-spontaneous shoot Sunday afternoon. Next time, I vow to make a more careful plan. Bee was wonderful, though, and she had fun.

(By Bee)
Spectra, Impossible Silver Shade film.

We're going to be in Hondo Valley, New Mexico for Christmas.  One of my favorite things of leaving the city is being able to see multitudes of stars twinkling in the black, black sky.  The chill of the fresh air and the magic of the deep quiet wake me up.  The perpetual gray clouds that hang on my mind clear, and I forget how fucked-up the world is for awhile.

I am looking forward to shooting in a different place, too.  I've shot most everything of interest to me in the vicinity of my granny's house, though, so I think we will take the car and my cameras and drive along the outskirts.


  1. I love the look of these prints! Such softness. The one of Bee walking away is so nostalgic feeling. I cannot help but smile at the incongruity of you holding a big, soft, white bear out there in the desert! Great image. (love that camera too, a Praktica?

  2. Thanks, Larry! It's a Pentax K-1000. :)

  3. Bee has got a great eye for composition. Doesn't help that her momma is a babe! Love these!

  4. Thanks, sweet girl!! :) She is definitely learning.

  5. beautiful shots, especially the last image where the contrast is amazing. the stuffed toy makes the shot!