A Miracle! Sort-of!

Well, I feel like a big dork, I thought I really messed up my SX-70 Alpha 1 when I dropped it a few months ago.  My exposures were all coming out with spots along one edge, like this:

I thought I had caused a crack or something bad like that (light leaks, but ugly ones).  I finally decided to make a more time-consuming effort to find answers so I could try to fix this problem myself.  After about 15 minutes of surfing the Web, I found out that I just had gunk on the rollers, so now I am happy again!  The last thing I wanted to do was bury another SX-70 (use it as a bookend).

The only thing is, I had some fresh PX70 Impossible film inside the camera, and I lost a few exposures removing and reloading.  I still like them, though.  Rothko Impossibles!

Also, I was feeling super-anxious about wanting to shoot the new Impossible test film, the PX100 UV+ Silver Shade, and received it in the mail today, so I ended up shooting the remaining PX70 Color Shade pack on boring stuff.

(1st shot after the cleaning, me and Steven at lunch at Franky's Mexican Restaurant.  You should've seen the big scene I made trying to get a good shot.  Kidding, kidding, I always feel like I make a big scene with my Polaroid.)

Isn't the color AMAZING?

Bee is the best assistant.  She helps me with focus for self-portraits by standing-in.  I always get good shots of her in these situations.  I'm really glad the last exposure of the pack came out so nicely.

I was then ready to I load my Alpha 1 with the PX100 UV+ Test film.  I attached my handy self-timer #132 and PX Shade (which works like a charm I have to say), and tried to look relaxed and thoughtful for a self-portrait, (because that's what I am-HA) but stood too close to the camera, and the focus was off.  I may have moved the tripod.  I missed the mark.

Window light, late afternoon, L/D wheel 1 notch towards L.

Window light, late afternoon, L/D wheel right in the center.

These aren't any good, but I think I have a good idea of how this new monochrome film it is going to react to the light.  Tomorrow will be better test shots for sure.  I mean, I hope!

Did I forget to mention I graduated from college?  I really did!  Last Saturday.  It was amazing.  I was incredibly proud, and so grateful for all the support friends and family have given me during my studies.  I now have a BFA!  It's a dream come true.

You can tell I ordered the cake myself. :)  Tres Leches!


  1. Oh My Goodness! You have graduated!!! Yahoo! Mia, I am so very pleased and happy and excited for you. So much work. Such a long time. I can imagine a lot of mixed emotions. How do you feel about it, finally done? :)

    And I love these other images too. I agree, the colours are incredible. That image of the roses, the red is soooo soft and delicious.

  2. Yeah, whoohoo!!! Thanks so much, Larry! I'm looking forward to the next chapter-grad school and a job. I want to work in social services and continue my education in Women's/Gender Studies.

    I love, love, love the color in this latest Impossible Color Shade.

  3. YAY!!!! What a wonderful post - full of many celebrations I say!!!!

    Congrats on everything you talented lady!!!!!!! ;D


  4. Charlyn, I couldn't ask for a sweeter friend! Thanks so much, dear!!!! I am really blessed. xo