It's break-time for Bee.

My child is officially accident-prone, according to hospital records.  "Child prone to injury," is what it says on her paper work...it seems like a bad thing to have in there.  I don't know, I'm her mother, I feel like I have to take responsibility for things that happen even if I'm not there.  All her injuries happened at school.  She had staples on her scalp in kindergarten, too.  

I don't even remember how she got herself into that one.  I think she banged her head on the monkey bars.  I am sad for her, but she is doing rather well, considering it's been less than 3 months since she had a cast on her other arm.  So, this time the break really wasn't that bad, a hairline fracture.  Last time she had surgery and a pin, which left an awful keloid scar.  She's going to fall behind with her violin.  No Christmas concert for her!  Oh well, that's how it goes.

With her violin.

She took my picture.  I vowed to smile next time.

Double exposure.

Oops, tried to make this into a double exposure but messed-up, therefore it's underexposed. 

She got the cast today.
Polaroid Spectra, Impossible Project PZ680 Color Shade film.

On an entirely different note, I found a really fun CD to listen to with Bee, and I have to mention it here, because, well, if you're a mommy, it will make you happy, and that means a lot to me.  Kimya Dawson has apparently been around for awhile, but I just discovered her brilliant music while listening to NPR's All Things Considered the other day in the car when I was on my way home from school.  

Thunder Thighs

I really like her style, and I relate to her point-of-view.  I always appreciate it when an artist can put a light-hearted spin on the darker side of life.  This is a lady I would love to be friends with, bottom line.  Such an inspiration.

The end is approaching for me at school, and I have to reclaim focus on my final projects for the semester in my classes.  I'm dreading what comes after graduation, to be honest.  I feel myself aiming to squeeze the last bits of adrenaline out from my pores, still playing the procrastination game, a game I've come to enjoy.  I thought I hated it, the staying up all night completing projects and all that, but honestly...my best work comes with pressure.  

The switching over to auto-pilot is so effective.  The switch to zombie.  It's reaching into my subconscious, that's what I need to do, it's where I need to be.  Stress gets me there.  Of course, tedious preparation precedes it all.  Without research and source material, nothing happens.  Thinking about grad school now...maybe I'll go after the Women's Studies certificate.  This is my most likely course of action.


  1. ohh, mia i hope bee gets well soon! love your (and her :)) spectra shots..i haven't got round getting the camera yet! but you sure are an inspiration! ♥

  2. you sweet girl! it means so much to see your warm words here, fer! :) thank you! you must get a spectra, you will do amazing things with it!