My first solo show...it went well.

10/26/11, night before the opening, around 8:00pm

I had some trouble with the lighting. 

My 12x12" mixed media on wood panels.

You can see the details easier with natural light.

Monochrome instants, Polaroid film + Impossible film.

Impossible Project Integral film.

Polaroid 600 film

Polaroid 669 film + emulsion transfers/lifts

Drawings on paper.

Watercolor and thread on paper.

Mixed media on paper.

Watercolor, colored pencil on paper.

Colored pencil on glassine.

Bella at the reception.

Me and my friend Susan at the reception.

I'm so glad that I can move forward now.  It was hard work getting everything out, sorted, and up on the walls.  It's great to see everything all together.  Finally, graduation is right around the corner.  In 6 weeks I will be walking in my black cap and gown, with a tassel that says 2011.  Yay!


  1. Congratulations, Mia!
    It looks so great!
    And congratulations on graduation. You must be so happy. xx

  2. Oh Mia! Congratulations! This looks amazing. I am so excited for you. I see this is quite the extensive show. You have put on quite the display. It's amazing. Again, congratulations.

  3. congratulations! the show looks great: I love that colored pencil work on glassine, and seeing all the instant film.

    what an accomplishment. :)

  4. So happy for you! It looks like it was beautifully put together, great job!

  5. This is sooo amazing, dear Mia!
    Little Bee must be so proud of her talented and beautiful Mama!!

  6. Oh, Mia. Your show looks like it was absolutely stunning! Congrats on your forthcoming graduation!

  7. Thank you so much, friends! You are the best! I appreciate your sweet words. Your support means so much to me.

  8. Looks fantastic Mia, so much work... I really love love your drawings/watercolours/threads they are so sensitive....

  9. Thank you so much, Amanda! :)

  10. this is amazing! beautiful work - it makes me wish i could be there to see in person.
    p.s. your dress is adorable:)

  11. Thanks so much, Erin!