Shot a pack of the newest PX70 Colorshade...

I have been looking forward to every new batch of film the Impossible Project has to offer, and this particular Colorshade variety is sorta in-between the last two as far as color and exposure.  After shooting five pictures of the PX70 Colorshade with my SX-70, I still seemed to need an ND filter, although I didn't think I was supposed to need one.

With the last film, the PX680 First Flush, I used a ND4 ((0.6) 2 f/stop filter with the dial left in the center, and got great exposures.  I'm going to shoot another pack of PX70 Colorshade with my ND2 filter to make a real comparison.  Temperatures have been more or less the same across the board.   

My test shots were in bright sun, because that is the true test for me.  With the dial turned all the way to dark, everything was indeed overexposed, so before wasting anymore film I used a cut and taped-on piece of an old ND filter, a ND2 (0.3) 1 f/stop filter.  The results are below.  (I re-created an outdoor bright sun on a house situation by using my old Sesame Street toy-that's how I learned my shapes! :)  Sesame Street of the 1980's was the best and you know it!

No ND filter, dial turned all the way to dark.

No ND filter, dial turned all the way to dark.

+ND2 (0.3) 1 f/stop filter, dial turned all the way to dark.

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