Summer means escaping the desert and heading to the beach.

     I recently mailed out several rolls of film to be developed after holding on to them for several years. Unfortunately for me, there is no place to develop E6 or black and white film here. I should start developing my own black and white, at the very least! Yes, this seems like a very good idea. I will!

     This little series is from last summer. Me and my little Bee went on an unforgettable vacation together-we went to Disneyland, just the two of us. I didn't take a Polaroid camera with me, because I thought it would be difficult to manage, but I did take my little Black Slim Devil 35mm for film shots. This is Ilford film, and if I remember correctly, 400 iso.

     I wonder where we will be able to manage to escape to this summer. I don't think we will have the means to go very far, not this time. I hope you get a chance to get away with your loved ones in the coming months, too.  I always like to think "this will be the best summer ever!" I say that every year.

Bee at Disneyland, Main Street, Summer 2010

Bee and Thomas

Huntington Beach, CA, Summer 2010

Bee and her new temporary pal.

SURF CITY aka Huntington Beach


  1. You're the best Mom ever!!!!
    I only recently visited Disneyland a couple of years ago....

  2. OH Mia, these are simply DREAMY! And yes, develop your own if need be. So sorry you don't have a place there to do it.... I am so fortunate for this.

  3. HI Charlyn! Hope you are having a nice day! I would love to go back to Disneyland every year. I really, really would. :)

  4. Hi hi Susan! I'm so glad to share these...yes, I better go ahead and get the chemicals-might as well use what I learned in my photography class to develop my won film. I don't think they even teach it now.