Me and Bee embarked on our first analog photo adventure together.

     It was just a few weeks ago, Easter weekend, I believe. I can't wait for Bee to finish her roll so we can go get it processed. Finally, there will be some non-self-portrait shots of me! Well, the photos of me part is really not that exciting, but maybe I would eventually like to remember how I looked in my 30's.

     How sweet of my little Bee, returning the photo-love by pointing her little blue cutie 35mm at me. I'm a lucky mama. I wonder what the world looks like through her big brown eyes. I wonder what I look like to her. Photos tell the truth, don't they? At least photos from analog cameras do, if the exposures are unprocessed, and even more so when they are uncropped.

     Well, this is a discussion that holds too much debate. Everything is always relative anyway, as it should be. And I'm not completely convinced one way or the other when it comes down to it.

Bee with her birthday present...from me, of course!  A Kumo San cool Blue Ultra Wide Angle 35mm camera.

Her first nature photography adventure with me...with her own film camera, that is.  A pretty fantastic upgrade from my old point-and-shoot Panasonic Lumix pocket digital, if I do say so myself.

I took this with the self-timer on this newest vintage camera acquisition of mine...a Pentax ME Super.  I'm so happy it works!  Everything is spot-on, exposure, everything is good.  Not to say that this is a good exposure, because it's surely not.  I still need a light meter for mixed-light situations like this.  I will be true nerd-times with a light meter, I know.

A very low-light situation in the bathroom of an amazing pizza place called Rio in Ruidoso, NM.  This Fuji Natura 1600 film is so sweet with it's grain, it perfectly describes what I love about analog photography.  I don't really know where to get it anymore, besides Ebay.  I've had a few rolls in my refrigerator for a few years now.  If anyone out there knows, please let me know.  It's my favorite!


  1. Oh Mia! I love this so much. It's great that Bee shares your love for analog photography! Your *new Pentax shots are wonderful as well! Can't wait to see Bee's shots and more posts on your photo adventures together in the near future! xoxo

  2. Me too, me too, I can't wait for more adventures and sharing them with good friends, Charlyn! Thank you so much for visiting me here today, made me so happy.

  3. Wonderful photos! That is a fantastic camera for Bee, I have the same one and love it :)

  4. These are all so gorgeous, Mia! And I am so happy to see Bee following in mama's footsteps : )

    I've got to get me a film camera soon.



  5. Yes, get one, get one! Bee's little camera does great, and it's so light and fun...