Last summer, slide film and my Vivitar slide printer.

     I sent five rolls of slide film off to get processed at Dwayne's Photo last week, and got some lovely surprises back in the mail this morning.  I was happy to pick some of the slides to print on this expired 669 Polaroid film via my Vivitar slide printer.  Both the slide film and the Polaroid 669 were expired, so it was interesting to see the faded colors that came out on these prints.

     I'm hoping that we will be able to return to North Carolina this summer for vacation.  It was the perfect getaway for us.  Life here in the southwest can be awfully dry.  I am definitely a beach girl, and it's always been my dream to live in a beach town.  Someday~!
Steven biking down Kure Beach, North Carolina's residential back streets.  I must have shot this while I was on my bike, too.  My favorite place in the world so far.

This is me at Fort Fisher Beach, happy. (shot by Steven)
Hammocks are the best.  You can see this image in it's original slide format on my Flickr: 

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