Tiny Blue Flowers

So, I thought that since I haven’t yet attempted to create an “insanity” drawing, that’s exactly what I would do.  I made the decision to proceed with it when I was about 3 hours into my first drawing for this term’s first drawing portfolio for school.  It has proven to be an incredible mental challenge, but one that I always knew I was capable of doing.  I made a commitment to completing this drawing in just about 3 weeks, so I have had to do something I haven’t done yet up to this point, which is allotting a specific amount of time each day towards working on it. 

My thoughts during the work vary from meditative and calm, to anxious and completely random.  Since I am creating tiny blue flowers with 7 petals, I count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 repeatedly.  If I go off track in my thoughts, that is when the flowers have 5 or 6 petals instead of 7.  I am creating half-flowers to indicate movement here and there.  The drawing started off being a take on a fabric pattern, but not a graphic interpretation of it.  I wanted to draw fabric as if being worn by somebody, so I thought of moving fabric…as if the wearer was taking a walk on a breezy day.

I am at about 60% with it now.  I have decided to cover almost ALL of the white space of the paper with these tiny blue flowers, in varied shades and values.  When I first began, I did not consider certain details that I am now going by in my progress, such as NOT erasing.  I plan to create density and variation to indicate movement by layering these tiny flowers, even if the detail of some of them ends up being blurred away.  I am using Prismacolor Pencils.  The paper is 22x30” Stonehenge.

The colors are a little off here-I promise to take a proper color-correct photo when it's finished.  This is only about a 6-7" area-the entire drawing is 22x30".

These are all the shades of blue I'm using-I think the only one missing here that I am using is Indigo Blue.

I will be doing another similar drawing in shades of gray on Japanese paper for the second term of this semester.  I keep thinking about how I want to try everything I have been doing in grays.  I tend to stick to these girly candy-colors, but I feel I need to clear my mind, I need balance.  It's like inhaling coffee beans in-between smelling different perfumes, I think.

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