A Perfect Saturday

These days I could use some extra motivation to keep me shooting.  Working on my BFA drains my creative energy.  I can get pretty depressed when I'm not actively working on my photography.  While I love to draw and paint, photography is what makes me the happiest!  I joined a few Flickr groups that are sure to keep me motivated.  The Saturdays of 2011 is one, administrated by Jessica Hibbard, and Twelve is the other, administrated by Amanda Gillian.  Please do check them both out. It's nice to have projects, and even nicer to make friends and share the experience.    

She wasn't in the mood for Mama Paparazzi today.

Not bad for the chilly wind blowing in her face.  I insisted, it was magic-hour light.
She still looks pissed-off at me, though-ha.

Shot from the car while we waited for the train to go by-qualifies for cropping, so I did.

Metered towards the street here.  Overblown sky, but I still like it.  Glad I caught the girl walking by.  (Cropped)

A weird gas station in the middle of 5-Points, the heart of El Paso, which is now ghetto.  I've never seen it before.

I didn't have too much time to shoot this, I pulled over with Bee in the car just for a few quick snaps. 

My favorite mural in town.  She's the guardian of 5-Points.  Nobody vandalizes this lovely lady.   

The House of Pizza.  YUM.

She's through posing and refused to look at the camera.  Oh, well.

I'm not a vegetarian Nazi-we eat CHEESE when it's done well.  Like here with mushrooms and extra sauce.


  1. I love the gas station. So vintage! I've never thought about joining a flickr group. Maybe...

  2. Great images. The ones of Bee where she's angry about you wanting her to pose are great! And that gas station is wonderful - a throwback to an era long gone. Nicely displayed too.

  3. Oh, and thanks for the Flickr group pointers! I have been looking for a couple of new projects too. I'm currently really, really trying to do more with 100 Strangers (I've only done one image so far). And I'm subscribed to Street Photography Now Project but have yet to actually do any of it. I wonder if I'll get further with your groups? Hmmmm ;)

  4. Larry, the projects you are attempting really intimidate me! I hope I'll be ready for something like those soon, because I'd really like to get some good people shots. I always see interesting people around. I just worry I could scare them. I don't want to seem too weird! :) And thank youuuuu!! Thanks for visiting me here!

  5. Breeanna-yes, you so should join the projects! :) It could be fun, and maybe meet new peeps! Always nice...