Making the first day of 2011 productive.

Considering all the projects I can do.

I have fixed myself a very nice space which functions as my studio in the dining room of my house.  There is great natural light coming in through the window, so my energy level stays up if I'm working during the daylight hours.

 An investment I will be making in January includes two good quality dress forms, one in my size, and one in my daughter's size.  My dream has always been to sew my own clothes.  I am especially interested in dresses.  I love dresses, but can never find any simple, stylish, comfortable, high quality, affordable ones anywhere.  I love vintage, but the thrift shops in this town are always thoroughly picked over, and I can never find anything good.  I love shops like Anthropologie, but I can't really afford prices like that at this point in my life, and I don't have the time or patience to browse Ebay, either.

I am also finally starting to quilt.  I love homemade quilts.  I love the weight, the texture, and softness of them.  I am using a combination of hand and machine techniques.  I'll post photos of my progress on my very first attempt at a full-size quilt in the coming weeks.  The whir of the sewing machine sure does great things for my mood!  I love fabric!  I love patterns, and colors, and I love notions, too!  I never thought Jo-ann's Fabrics would be my most favorite store on earth.  Needles, thread, embroidery hoops-it is all so romantic to me.

Another thing that is doing me good is starting to play the guitar with Bee.  I can't believe how much practicing relieves stress.  I wish I had started playing sooner, but it's never to late!  

Practicing guitar with Bee is a major priority in 2011.

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